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Were you greeted with a smile?
Were you greeted immediately?
Was your table clean and set in an orderly manner?
Did your server approach and greet your party in a timely manner?
How was your server's physical appearance?
Did your server walk you through the menu and make some suggestions?
Did your server return in an appropriate amount of time to take your drink order?
Did your server have opinions or make suggestions about our food?
Did your drinks arrive in a timely manner?
If you ordered cocktails, how were they?
Did your food arrive in a timely manner?
How was the food?
How was table maintenance? I.e. did your server keep your table clear of dirty dishes and general clutter?
How was the server's general knowledge about wine?
If dessert was ordered, did it arrive in a timely manner?
Was dessert as expected?
How was pricing for food?
How was pricing for beverages?
Were the bathrooms clean, stocked and orderly?
Was the payment process painless?
Did someone (other than your server) bid you farewell?

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Ahso Experience Evaluation Survey

If you've landed here, you are someone whose opinion we value and we would love your feedback.  Filling out the following survey will help provide us with the tools we need to keep improving.

Thanks for your continued support!

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