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coming this month!


Drawing on the experiences and passions that Chef Jason Maddens has gathered over the years, AhSo will be a place to relax and enjoy inspired food and great wine.  Jason’s unique skill set of both Chef and Sommelier combined with a sleek and lively atmosphere will make for the most pleasurable dining experience. 


Jason has been cooking professionally since 2004 after completing culinary school at L’Academie de Cuisine, in Maryland.  Growing up in Loudoun County in an Italian family, cooking and eating around the table each night was important, and it’s no shock that food and wine became a way of life.  Jason spent a few years at 2941 Restaurant after culinary school, then moved with his wife to Tampa, Florida, where he eventually worked his way up to executive chef at a bistro called Jackson’s.  An opportunity to work for the late, great chef Michel Richard brought the Maddens’ back to the DC area where Jason worked for Michel at several of his restaurants for a number of years.  Most recently, Jason teamed up with his former mentor, Jon Krinn, to open Clarity in Vienna, Virginia, which has received critical acclaim since opening in early 2015.  He lives in Leesburg with his wife Tiffany, their two girls, Lylah and Angelina and two golden retrievers.


If food enhanced by wine (or vice-versa) is your thing, you will fit in just fine at AhSo.  What we call “Micro Wine Dinners,” a small, themed tasting menu with beverage pairings that can be enjoyed by as few as two guests or an entire table, will always be on the menu.  This allows us to really take advantage of the products we source, as well as the great wines the world has to offer. 


We feel lucky to be in this region: Where else in the world do you have a marine ecosystem (Chesapeake Bay), thousands of acres of fertile agricultural areas, stellar wine-growing conditions and a major metropolitan city all within less than 100 miles?!  With these resources at our fingertips, sourcing at AhSo will be paramount.  We will use locally sourced product whenever possible, and the growing conditions in Virginia make that easy and often.  The menu will change as often as our creativity and the supply from land and sea allow. 


We look forward to seeing you at AhSo!

What the heck does AhSo mean?!

An AhSo is a tool used to open a bottle of wine, when a corkscrew may not do the job. It is often used for older bottles when the cork may crumble if tackled with a corkscrew.

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